A forum for climate positive and carbon sinks

We create better conditions and prerequisites for carbon sinks and climate-positive initiatives. Join our networks through a KLIMPO subscription!

We lead the way towards a climate positive Europe

Klimpo is a forum for #climatepositive and #carbon sinks. Influencers, entrepreneurs and researchers alike meet in our networks. We work for better conditions for climate-positive initiatives and carbon sinks through political influence, our networks and advice.


About Klimpo

The climate threat is the biggest issue of our time and we at Klimpo want to be part of the solution – we even want to lead the way. Through training, advice, environmental monitoring and project involvement. We are involved in, and project managers, investigations and projects within BECCS, BioCCUS and biochar.

Our services


Project Management

We at Klimpo have experienced project managers and lead several projects within #BioCCS and #BioCCU.



We are happy to give an inspirational lecture about carbon sinks & climate positive!


Ideas Workshop

We help you tailor a discussion forum with an idea workshop.

Towards a climate-positive Europe in 2045!

Join us on the journey towards a climate-positive Sweden in 2045!