About us

About Klimpo

Klimpo is the round table when it comes to climate positive actions. We work for better terms and conditions for climate positive initiatives. We promote carbon sinks and initiatives through networking, PR, and lobbying. Join us for events, seminars, study trips, and conferences. Together, we shape a sustainable future!

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Our mission

Our goal is to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases and to help Europe reach net zero before 2050.

The climate threat is the biggest issue of our time and we at Klimpo want to be part of the solution – we even want to lead the way.

With the help of our consultants, we work on your path towards climate positive through: education, advice, environmental monitoring and consultancy assignments.

In addition to our main work, we also lead several feasibility studies within Bio-CCS to help, educate and speed up the development of carbon capture.”


Towards a climate-positive Europe in 2045!

Join us on the journey towards a climate-positive Sweden in 2045!