Aker Carbon Capture awarded study for capturing biogenic CO2 in Sweden

Aker Carbon Capture has been awarded a feasibility study by Nordbex AB, a Swedish developer of modular carbon negative power plants, for the integration of two Just Catch 100 carbon capture units into an electric power generation project in southern Sweden. Waste residues from local forestry management, timber and pulp and paper industries will be utilized as feedstocks for the new power plant.

The biogenic feedstock will be utilized in a gasification process to produce a clean and hydrogen rich synthesis gas, which will be combusted in gas engines to produce 20-25 MW electricity for the grid in southern Sweden. Aker Carbon Capture will provide two Just Catch 100 modularized carbon capture units to capture up to 200.000 tonnes per year of CO2 from the flue gas of both the gasification process and the gas engines. The CO2 will be liquefied for transport by train to storage. As the captured CO2 will be biogenic in origin, sequestering it in permanent geological storage will result in negative CO2 emissions.

“We are excited to support Nordbex with our carbon capture technology on their path to providing clean baseload energy to local communities in Sweden, while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,” said Jon Christopher Knudsen, Chief Commercial Officer at Aker Carbon Capture.

“Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) has been identified as playing a key role in Sweden’s goal to achieve Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.  The award from Nordbex further strengthens Aker Carbon Capture’s position in the growing Swedish market, where we were awarded several study contracts over the course of 2023”.

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