Carbon Removal Certification Framework and Net-Zero Industry Act: Parliament supports scaling up carbon removal capacity in the EU

Brussels, 21 November 2023

European Parliament adopts encouraging positions on Carbon Removal Certification and Net-Zero Industry Act.

Today’s votes on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRC-F) and the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) demonstrate the European Parliament’s support for scaling up carbon removal capacity in the EU, a necessary step in tackling climate change and reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

An effective and scientifically sound CDR certification not only represents a significant step toward integrating carbon removal into EU climate policies, but also ensures the development of a strong carbon removal capability in Europe and achieves the potential for EU leadership in this space.

To accelerate the deployment of sustainable CDR methods, fostering investments in research and development across the member states is key. The inclusion of CDR technologies in the Parliament’s position on the NZIA is a very positive step which must be confirmed in the final text.

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