Denmark to put CO2 in seabed in step towards carbon negativity

Denmark wants to suck more carbon dioxide out of the air than it emits by 2050 and store it in old North Sea oil and gas fields.

The Danish flag (Pic: Silje Bergum Kinsten/

Fossil fuel companies Total, Ineos and Wintershall DEA will try to store millions of tons of carbon dioxide in the sandstone of old oil and gas reservoirs in the North Sea.

Danish environment minister Lars Aagaard said: “This is not just a step towards a new green industry in our North Sea – it’s a milestone for our green transition.”

To start with, the companies will store carbon dioxide which has been captured from industrial sources like cement and steel companies and power plants.

By offsetting emissions, this will help Denmark reach net zero – when it emits no more greenhouse gases than it sucks up.

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