Eon köper 25 procent av Horisont Energi

Eon köper 25 procent av Horisont Energi

Eon har ingått ett strategiskt samarbete med norska Horisont Energi, enligt ett gemensamt pressmeddelande.

Horisont Energi and European energy company E.ON today announced that they have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for the development of an European end-to-end carbon capture, transport and storage service offering, development of a carbon removal business, and production and value chains for clean hydrogen and ammonia.

Along with the agreement, Horisont Energi will carry out a private placement directed at E.ON, pursuant to which E.ON will acquire a 25 percent stake in Horisont Energi. The private placement is planned to be completed end of January 2022 subject to certain conditions.

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