EU Commission wants captured CO2 to become ”tradeable commodity”

The end objective is clear: making CO2 a “tradeable commodity” – like gas or crude oil – thanks to ”an EU-wide transport and storage infrastructure with pipelines as the dominant transport means on land”. [Photo credit: Cobalt S-Elinoi / Shutterstock]

A leaked European Commission paper on “industrial carbon management”, to be published on 6 February, lays the groundwork for captured carbon dioxide to be “recycled” in chemical processes or used as maritime and jet fuel, while accounting for non-emitted CO2 in the bloc’s carbon market.

An EU-wide approach is needed “to establish a European single market for industrial carbon” and meet the Union’s objective of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, according to the draft policy document, obtained by Euractiv.

The policy paper, which outlines future policy options and does not contain legal obligations for EU countries or businesses at this stage, is due to be presented on 6 February, alongside another policy document on the EU’s 2040 climate target.

It does make clear, however, what the EU’s future climate policy could look like beyond 2030.

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