Klimatpositivt! goes UK with Angela Hepworth, Drax, and Phil Southerden, C-Capture

Join us for our second episode in English! This time Karolina Unger meets Angela Hepworth, Commercial Director at Drax and Phil Southerden, CTCO at C-Capture Ltd.

Angela Hepworth, Karolina Unger, Phil Southerden

Angela Hepworth, Commercial Director at Drax, Karolina Unger, CEO Klimpo, and Phil Southerden, CTCO at C-Capture Ltd.

Drax plans to transform Drax Power Station into the world’s biggest carbon capture project using BECCS to permanently remove 8Mt of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere each year by 2030. The project is well developed, the technology is proven and an investment decision could be taken in 2024 with the first BECCS unit operational in 2027 and a second in 2030, subject to the right investment framework.

C-Capture is the designer of the innovative chemical processes for carbon dioxide removal and is working alongside Drax with the BECCS project. C-Capture has patented a unique, safe, low-cost carbon capture technology that uses up to 40 percent less energy than current commercially available technologies.

Take part of the interesting discussions about CCS technology, chemicals, research and the industry transition happening right now – and of course the next step for making the Drax project come through. Enjoy!

Listen directly or in any other play, Apple Podcasts, for example. Enjoy!

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