Negativa utsläpp kan skapa tusentals jobb

Negative emissions can create thousands of jobs

11,500 new jobs. That is more than what the large battery factories in Skellefteå and Gothenburg create together. Sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to save the climate could become a major industry, according to a new report commissioned by Stockholm Exergi.

One of the companies that has big plans is the energy company Söderenergi , which is planning a bio-CCS plant at the Igelstaverket in Södertälje.

– We expect to be able to have a plant in operation well before 2030 with a capacity of 650,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, says CEO Karin Medin.

Already today, the carbon dioxide tax and the price for the EU’s emission rights are so high that it should be possible to calculate the cost of bio-CCS, Karin Medin assesses.

Read the entire article in SvD (22/2-2022)

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