SEB positions itself in emerging market for carbon removals

To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, it won’t be enough to reduce carbon emissions. It will also require removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Here a new market is emerging for originating and trading in carbon removals, and SEB aims to take a leading role.

Carbon dioxide an increasingly important commodity

The Commodities business unit has long had the insight that carbon dioxide will be an increasingly important commodity.

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Maximilian Brodin, Head of Commodities at SEB.

“Our entire business is based on helping our corporate customers manage their risks in the commodities market. One of these risks is posed by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). If you belong to certain industries and have a certain size of your operations, you are included in the system and are compelled to buy emission allowances to compensate for your emissions,” explains Maximilian Brodin, Head of Commodities at SEB.

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